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Motorcycles abound at Old Vintage Cranks' first bike meet

The event was held during the Acton Leathertown Festival

Acton’s own motorcycle shop, Old Vintage Cranks (OVC), held its first ever bike meet at Sunday’s Leathertown Festival.

While classic cars garnered much attention at the festival, OVC’s manager Scott Strachan was pleased with the turn out. 

“I’d say we probably had close to 300 motorcycles show up,” Strachan said. “I just talked to someone who came from Barrie - they live in Windsor, so they made this part of their ride home.”

“So many motorcycles go up and down Hwy. 25, Hwy. 7, up to Belfountain, that’s a common ride. I was sitting on my porch and there were 126 motorcycles passing on a Sunday afternoon. So I said, ‘Why don’t we get them to make a right hand turn into town?,’” he added.

Located at 59 Willow St. N., Old Vintage Cranks is the largest dealer of Ural motorcycles in southern Ontario. The Ural is an iconic Russian motorcycle with a sidecar that gained fame in the Second World War. Pitster Pro, Sur Ron electric bikes and Italian SWMs are also part of the catalogue.

OVC mechanic Kirkland Moore said the shop held the meet "to bring some interest into our shop, and show people we are here in Acton and service any and all bikes that are out on the road.”

“We have a unique stock of motorcycles for sale that other distributors don’t have,” he added.

The bike meet was two months in the making. Moore said OVC might make bike meets a regular occurrence.

“It’s a lot of work, but I think we will definitely be doing it more annually and then we will certainly look into doing it more monthly,” he said.

“A big thing motorcyclists love doing is going on rides. Something we might do next year is hold this same event where we all meet up, but then go on a ride,” he added.

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