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Political veteran Ken Paige has entered the race for mayor

There are now five candidates in the race to fill Rick Bonnette's seat at the head of council
Ken Paige
Mayoral candidate Ken Paige.

Ken Paige has been around the political block. He served two terms as an alderman - an older name for councillor - for East York before it amalgamated into the modern City of Toronto. 

Now, he's vying to become the mayor of Halton Hills, entering the race on Aug. 16. 

“The sense of participating in the community and being able to affect people's lives in a very direct way gets in your blood,” Paige told HaltonHillsToday.

I love Halton Hills. I love where I live. It's a great place to be.”

He was a businessman for most of his career, but said he's now at a point where he can turn his attention back to getting into municipal politics.

Paige was chair of East York's budget committee, where he was responsible for constructing, assessing and delivering the government budget.

“I was the only CA (chartered accountant) on council. So I came equipped with a good background to be able to add some value.”

Paige has lived in Halton Hills for a decade, with two of those years spent on the Glen Williams Community Association (GWCA). It was there that he developed a number of interests in local issues such as traffic, planning and development and trying to preserve the municipality's sense of community.

He said if elected, he hopes to strike a balance between those who want more development and those who'd like to restrict it, and ensure new construction doesn't undermine the character of the community.

Paige is going up against Bryan Lewis, Ann Lawlor, Norm Paulsen and Robert Gottardi.