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Halton Police launching electronic traffic ticket pilot project

Officers will begin testing out the new eTickets technology in Halton Hills this fall
eTickets will soon be used by Halton Regional Police.

Speeding tickets will soon look pretty different.

Starting this fall, Halton Regional Police in 1 District (Milton/Halton Hills) will be joining a pilot project for electronic tickets, or eTickets.

The tickets - which will replace the traditional carbon-copy tickets - will be digitally filled out, with the aid of a licence reader, and printed from officers’ mobile work stations.

While the tickets (Provincial Offence Notices) have a completely different look, police say they hold the same weight in court as the previous format and offer clear, easy-to-read instructions to members of the public.

The HRPS expects to have eTickets adopted by all frontline officers by early 2023. 

“For members of the public, eTickets just simply look different, but behind the scenes, eTickets offer many efficiencies and advantages to our officers,” said Deputy Chief Roger Wilkie. “eTickets streamline the entire ticketing process, meaning our officers can spend less time on paperwork and more time in the community focused on safety and well-being.”

eTickets provide officers with pre-populated menus of common charges, and have the flexibility to enter less-common offences and warnings as required. The eTicket solution also integrates directly with Halton’s records management system, which means there will be increased accuracy and efficiencies in record keeping, compared to carbon-copy tickets that are hand-filled.

To see what the new system looks like, check out the eTicket Video.