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McLean family supports Safe Shelter program with $25,000 donation

You can help fight violence against women in our community by becoming a donor
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This summer, Halton Women’s Place was honoured with an incredible donation to our Safe Shelter Program.

The McLean family’s story with Halton Women’s Place is a true inspiration in action.

Their gift of $25,000 to the Safe Shelter Program goes directly towards supporting the women and children living in the shelter by investing in adopting rooms in our shelters.

The McLean Family’s donation is a generous gift for Halton Women’s Place. The Safe Shelter Program, which was first launched in 2013, has been a Sponsorship Program that mainly large organizations and corporations donated to. Now, the family plays a critical role as an individual donor in the Safe Shelter Program.

Each room at Halton Women’s Place – from our wellness rooms to our kitchen to our children’s playroom, is an integral and special space in our SAFE, emergency shelters – place many women and children call home. Throughout the year, we ensure the rooms are well maintained, comfortable and soothing, and ready to welcome families.

Even through the pandemic, and through re-designing our living spaces, our Safe Shelter sponsorships have allowed us to provide incredible living spaces to our families.

The McLean Family wanted their donation to be a spark in the community which would encourage other families to give. They are excited to be an inspiration with their gift so that others decide to give as well! They know it is important to talk about how critical it is to end violence against women in our community and believe we all have a part to play in ending gender-based violence.

Today, the McLean Family encourages everyone to take action in ending violence against women. They remind us to -

Hope in High Heels has grown to include EVERYONE, of all ages and ability levels! All participants, from across Halton, have a shared passion to end violence against women.

The past two years have seen Hope in High Heels (From Home) running as a virtual event.

For 2022, Hope in High Heels will be a hybrid event, with a virtual Walk Week from September 18th-24th, and an IN-PERSON Walk Day held on September 24th.

This year’s Hope in High Heels Walk Day will take place in Burlington, and we will rotate to different sites across Halton Region each year going forward. We cannot wait to see you!

We, at Halton Women’s Place, are so grateful for the McLean Family and their incredible gift of generosity, but also their advocacy in being a part of ending gender-based violence.

For more information on how you can get involved with Halton Women’s Place please email Carm Bozzo, Director, Philanthropy & Community Engagement, at or call her at 905-332-1200, ext. 222.