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Separation and divorce: Anita Bergsma, Life Coach, is here to help you navigate

The logistics of separation and divorce, plus the emotional toll can be a lot - coaching can help you through

There are plenty of moving parts to a divorce.

Will the house be sold, or will one partner buy the other out? Will the children spend weekends at one location, or full weeks at a time? What about shared custody of pets?

Divorcing spouses are prepared to face the logistics but are often blindsided by the emotional toll. When it comes to help navigating the dynamics of separation and divorce, Anita Bergsma, Life Coach, is here to help.

“Times have changed,” says Bergsma. “In the past the mother would get main custody automatically. That is no longer the case. Co-parenting is a major concern and a lot of parents need assistance in that area. It’s not just the division of time but knowing how to remain civil and united in front of the children, especially if the divorce is acrimonious. One of my biggest pieces of advice for clients is, do not make your children choose sides.”

Yet, that is easier said than done. Taking over the other parent’s time with their children, making the pickup or drop tense, or not communicating can truly damage a child’s mental health. Bergsma offers solid advice for parents, from what to expect emotionally to tools like shared calendars and apps that keep everyone in the loop while reducing chances of face-to-face confrontation.

While children are the main concern in any separation or divorce, Bergsma has seen other issues blindside the couple.

“When you have been married for many years, how do you move on? How does one rebuild after the separation? This is not exclusive to married couples, but common law as well. Many also feel a profound sense of failure and distress. They wonder if, and when, they should date again or even remarry. Being single is actually trending right now, but that comes with its own challenges. The emotions and challenges are different for every couple, but the important thing is to know that help is at hand. With life coaching, you never have to navigate this very emotional time alone. You don’t have to stay stuck. There is a road forward with many options.”

Divorce and separation hurt, and it’s a long road with many welcome and unwelcome surprises. Don’t go it alone.

Anita Bergsma is here to help, from the logistics to the emotional impact. Learn more online here.