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Your MUST-KNOW 2023 Property Tax Information

Manage your property taxes with ease this year with the Town of Halton Hills

Council has approved the 2023 budget for the Town of Halton Hills with a blended tax rate increase of 4.26% when combined with the tax changes at Halton Region (3.4%) and school boards (0%). The local Town tax increase is 6.62% including an increase of 1.83% for the special levy dedicated towards rising insurance costs and an increase of 0.6% for the infrastructure special levy.

For the average residential property in Halton Hills assessed at $623,500, residents can expect an overall increase of $217.40 in their 2023 property taxes. Generally, there are two annual tax bills - interim and final - each with two due dates.


2023 property tax due dates

The property tax due dates for the interim bill are:

  • February 24, 2023
  • April 26, 2023

Final property tax due dates can be found on our Property Tax Payment Options webpage.


How to pay your property taxes

  • Pre-authorized Payment (PAP) Plan
    There are 2 options to choose from for PAP plans: The Monthly Plan includes 10 payments from January to October with enrollment accepted year-round. If a property owner joins later than the January start date, the property tax total is divided over the remaining annual payments. The Instalment Plan includes 4 annual payments, due during the months of February, April, June and September. 2023 payment due dates for this plan are listed above.
  • Internet or Telephone Banking
    Pay your taxes directly from your bank account by setting up a payee online or using your financial institution’s telephone banking option.
  • Pay online with your credit card
    Make payments with third-party payment service provider, The Town does not accept credit card payment made in person for property taxes and a convenience fee does apply.
  • Mail a cheque to the Town of Halton Hills
    Post-dated cheques are accepted for property tax payments.
  • After-hours Drop Box
    Deposit cheque-only payments at the Town drop box located by the front door of Town Hall, located at 1 Halton Hills Drive, Halton Hills.
  • Pay your property taxes through your mortgage company
    Have your interim and final tax bills sent directly to you mortgage company for payment. A copy of the final tax bill will be sent to you for your records.

All payments must be received by the Town by the due date to avoid penalty. Visit our Property Tax Payment Options webpage for more information on payment options, managing your tax account, tax rebate programs and more.


Need to change your mailing address?

As a property owner, you will receive notices from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) about your property's assessed value. If you own property In Halton Hills but want to receive all your notices at a different mailing address, you can easily update your mailing address online with MPAC.


Recent change in property ownership?

If you’ve recently moved, ownership changes will be processed once the Town receives notification from MPAC. This typically takes around 3-5 weeks from the closing date. Once an ownership change is processed, we will mail the new homeowners a confirmation letter, stating the new roll number, current balance and upcoming tax due dates.