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Gallery: Through the eyes of the Chicken Man

As a follow up to the deep dive we took into the life of the Chicken Man, here's a further glimpse into his world through photos we obtained that he personally shot

George Chaplin, the famed Chicken Man of Halton Hills, died in 2014. But before he passed, he left us one last gift.

Few people knew that he was a bit of a shutterbug. He documented small parts of his life, with many photos being shot at the Tolton salvage yard in Limehouse where he lived, and compiled an album.

John Brotzel of London, Ont. was one of the last few people to see him alive. He kept many of Chaplin's belongings after he died, including his famed bike and the photo album itself.

As a follow up to our deep dive into the life of the Chicken Man, Brotzel graciously sent HaltonHillsToday his photos so that readers can get a glimpse of the world through his eyes.

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