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Halton Hills EcoFilm Fest ending year with flick about human-animal friendship

The movie also looks at the close bond between mother and daughter
Blueback emerges from his home.

The Halton Hills EcoFilm Fest will be closing out its 2024 screenings strongly with a film about friendship under the sea.

Blueback, based on the short novel by Tim Winton, will be playing at the John Elliott Theatre (JET) on May 23 at 7 p.m.

It follows Abby Jackson, a marine biologist, as she reminisces about how her dying mother helped her grow as an environmentalist.

"The diversity of this marine life is a gift to us all," says Jackon.

During their many dives together, Abby remembers befriending a blue grouper fish she named Blueback. Her friendship with this silent character helps her develop a sense of duty to protect his home. This duty is put to the test when a company's dredging operations threaten the reef in which Blueback lives. Abby and her mother draw a line in the sand as they mobilize locals against the company. 

The audience will walk away with a dual lesson: love and respect both nature as well as your mother.

Tickets for the film can be purchased in person at the JET's box office and on its website

A trailer and more information can be found on IMDB and