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IN PHOTOS: Georgetown twice as colourful in dual Holi-Easter celebration

Proceeds from the event are supporting the Georgetown Hospital Foundation

Put away your big coats as spring is officially here. Georgetown marked the season of renewal Saturday (March 30) with two celebrations: Easter and the Hindu festival of Holi.

Over 200 people attended the gathering at Norval United Church, which started plenty colourful with typical Easter traditions and ended strong with celebrators covering each other in colourful powder. Organizer Aditee Goswami believes the event succeeded in bringing people from all walks of life together.

"It feels good. Here, there is no differentiation. Here, we are one," Goswami told HaltonHillsToday.

Proceeds from celebration are going to the Georgetown Hospital Foundation. Foundation board chair Greg Rusciolelli accepted $1,000 in a ceremonial cheque handoff at the event. That money - and more as proceeds gets calculated - will go towards some life-saving equipment for women. 

"This year, we're really excited because front and centre is going to be our brand new mammogram machine, which is really going to bring the current technology up into the modern-day," Rusciolelli said. 

He added: "What that means for patients using that piece of equipment is less trips to the hospital. The intent is to get all the imaging you need on your first visit. It keeps you from having to come back."

Celebrants began pouring through the church doors around 11:30 this morning. A customary Easter egg hunt kicked off the festivities. Children, and some of their parents, redeemed eggs for cookies from Terra Cotta. They had the additional option of egg painting, henna tattoos and a pizza lunch.

But at 1 p.m., the vibrancy was dialed up several notches as the Holi celebration began. Bags of colourful powder exchanged hands and much of it was thrown in large bursts at each other as participants celebrated spring. The kids had their fun, but it was also a moment for grownups to be children as well.

The big finale came when the Halton Hills Fire Department arrived, with the kids in attendance being educated about the fire truck and the firefighters learning about Holi.