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PET OF THE WEEK: Fred is a gentleman who just wants to be loved

This talkative fella would fit well into any family dynamic, says the humane society

HaltonHillsToday, in partnership with the Upper Credit Humane Society, highlights a special pet in need of adoption every week.

Fred came to Upper Credit Humane Society on Nov. 4 when his owner became unwell and couldn’t care for him anymore.

He’s a four-year-old male cat who came in not neutered, which means he has chubby cheeks that are attractive to the female felines. These full cheeks are developed from high testosterone levels and will reduce in time now that he’s neutered.

Fred is an absolute dream and just wants to be loved. He’s very interactive and is always interested in what you’re doing. He’s also talkative and enjoys telling you about his day. He will fit in well with any family dynamic. You just have to book some time to come visit Fred.  He will not disappoint!

If you are interested in the Pet of the Week, call the Upper Credit Humane Society at 519-833-2287 or send an email to [email protected] to learn more about them.