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Rain, mild temperatures trigger water safety statement

The local conservation authorities warn residents to keep a safe distance from all watercourses and make children aware of the dangers
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Rain and melting snow can create dangerous conditions near local streams.

Due to extensive rainfall and mild temperatures anticipated throughout today, both Conservation Halton (CH) and Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) have issued water safety statements.

According to Environment Canada and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s surface water monitoring centre, a possible 15-25 mm of rain was forecast for today. With mild daytime high temperatures up to 7 degrees Celsius, the considerable snow pack that exists across the region is at risk of partially melting. This snow melt runoff, combined with the additional rain, may result in elevated water levels in local rivers and streams.

CH and CVC say widespread flooding is not anticipated, but rivers and creeks in the watersheds will experience higher than normal flows and water levels.

As such, the conservation authorities urge all residents and children to stay off any remaining ice-covered bodies of water and keep a safe distance from all watercourses and structures such as bridges, culverts and dams. 

"Elevated water levels, fast-flowing water and cold water temperatures, combined with slippery conditions along stream banks, continue to make these locations extremely dangerous," said CH in its statement. "Please alert children in your care of these imminent dangers."

This water safety statements will be in effect through March 18.