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Make a difference in the lives of women and children by supporting the Halton Women’s Place “Holiday Giving Program”

Help spread the hope and joy of the holiday season by empowering families as they rebuild their lives

Halton Women’s Place is a pillar of support in offering a lifeline to women and children trapped in an abusive environment.

Halton Women’s Place provides critical shelter, assistance, and compassion to families in need. Carm Bozzo is the Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement for Halton Women’s Place. She says, “We’re definitely seeing an increased need for safe shelter for women and children. We’re also seeing a need for our community outreach programs and our court support programs throughout the year.”

Halton Women’s Place has two shelters in the region, one in Burlington, and another in Milton, with a combined capacity of 52 beds. The affordable housing crisis is making the need for shelter space more acute, with the average stay now about 94 days. Within the past year, Halton Women’s Place has served about 250 families who need assistance beyond emergency shelter to rebuild their lives.

Holiday Giving Program

One of the many ways that Halton Women’s Place continues to support their families is through their “Holiday Giving Program.” Carm says, “We sponsor families, and the community supports us through donations. We are so pleased to see individuals, community groups, families, businesses, and corporations offering to help with our “Holiday Giving Program” in support of our families throughout the holidays.” Halton Women’s Place wants to assist every person who has stayed at their shelters or accessed their services.

One of the most significant ways the community can help this year is with gift cards. Given the skyrocketing rate of inflation, especially for food, Carm Bozzo is emphasizing a need for grocery gift cards. “It’s such a tough time for everyone in this economy, and groceries are desperately needed. We’re asking sponsors to select a family in need and to make a gift card donation so that the mother can go out and purchase food and gifts for her family. We want to ensure they have a nice dinner and provide school snacks for their children. It would also be nice if they were able to purchase kids toys and gifts for teens.”

It’s a struggle for families, especially at this time of year The “Holiday Giving Program” helps to alleviate some financial burdens and gives survivors the means to move forward with dignity. For more information on how you can donate, go online here.

“Ways to Give”

The act of giving during the holiday season amplifies the message of care and kindness. People can donate gift cards and various items. Carm Bozzo also stresses, “Another way people can give back to the community is by making a monetary donation, which allows us to support women and children beyond the holiday season.” There are many ways to give. Contributions can be made by both individuals and corporations. With a monetary donation, a donor will receive a tax receipt. The holiday season monetary goal this year is $200,000.

Holiday Wish List

If you would like to get involved, Halton Women’s Place asks that you donate items that are needed most during the holiday season and winter months. Along with grocery gift cards, they need baby items, teen items, and non-perishable food. A specific Wish List of priority and desired items can be found here. The online list includes an Amazon Wish List

They are always looking for new pillows and children’s pyjamas. Sometimes there are special requests such as baby formula, strollers, or car seats. Carm says, “Sometimes women need specific items as they are moving out. We want to be support them as they move forward in starting a new life.” Halton Women’s Place is grateful to the community members who offer their support. Carm says, “We have many generous families who forgo gifts in favour of giving to Halton Women’s Place. They ask what they can do to support our organization that assists women and children in need.” Many donors will pool their resources to support a larger family. They view the ability to give as a gift.

The need is greater this year

Last year Halton Women’s Place supported 200 families. This year their goal with the help of their sponsors is 250 families. Carm says, “We want to be able to support our families with different initiatives, programs, and resources and the only way we can do that is with community support.”

At its core, Halton Women’s Place “Holiday Giving Program” represents more than a

seasonal initiative. It’s a lifeline for families and a catalyst for raising awareness and fostering community engagement. The impact of the Halton Women’s Place “Holiday Giving Program” transcends the holiday season by helping to empower women trapped in a cycle of violence and fear.

Halton Women’s Place is seeing corporations and businesses large and small that say they are privileged to be able to donate to support their community. The generosity of people within Halton Region is tremendous. The Halton Women’s Place “Holiday Giving Program” is a lifeline for women and children seeking tangible support and refuge from domestic violence. Moreover, Halton Women’s Place offers compassion and commitment and assurance to women that they are not alone.

For Ways to Give visit them online here.