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Beloved Indian restaurant owners leaving Acton to open new location

Syed and Joba Sadeque have sold the Clay Oven and will soon launch a new, larger version of the restaurant in St. Thomas
Clay Oven owners Syed and Joba Sadeque.

They’re the faces of Indian cuisine in Acton, but the time has come to say goodbye.

Clay Oven owners Syed and Joba Sadeque have announced they’ve sold the restaurant and will be serving their last Indian dishes in the downtown core on July 30.

The local couple is moving on to St. Thomas, where they’re getting ready to launch a larger version of their popular restaurant.

They say the new owners in Acton will take over August 3 and plan to operate the location as an Indian restaurant.

“It’s truly heartbreaking for us to say goodbye to Actonians,” the Sadeques said in their July 5 announcement on social media. “(We) thank all of you for your generous everyday support - we will remember this forever!”

Syed told HaltonHillsToday that they've have purchased a building in downtown St. Thomas, which will be home to the expanded Clay Oven.

At this point, it’s not certain if the new management in Acton will keep the same restaurant name, but Syed noted they will most likely maintain a similar menu, give or take a few items.

He described the last seven years in Acton as “amazing.”

“We learned a lot and we have so many good memories,” he said. “I’m really grateful to the people in this town.”

There’s no doubt the Clay Oven quickly became a local favourite after opening its doors in 2016, with many who said they had never tried Indian food before now serving as the restaurant’s regulars.

A steady outpouring of sadness mixed with well wishes has continued online since the Sadeques publicly announced their impending departure yesterday.

“We will miss you! Thank you for spicing up Acton,” said one customer, while another called the Clay Oven cuisine “the best authentic Indian food this side of San Francisco.”

Several faithful followers indicated they’ll be making the trek to St. Thomas to eat at the new location, which the Sadeques hope to open in September.

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