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Emergency Preparedness Week 2023

Emergencies can come in many forms, and everyone has a role to play in an urgent situation. Are you ready?

Emergency Preparedness Week, a national awareness initiative, is undertaken by provincial and territorial emergency management organizations along with Public Safety Canada and business partners and volunteer organizations at all levels. This year (May 7-13) the theme is Be Prepared, Know Your Risks and the aim is to encourage Canadians to be aware of potential risks in their area and learn what actions can be taken to protect themselves and their families.

There are three simple steps to becoming better prepared to handle a wide range of emergencies:

  1. Understand the risks in your area.
  2. Create a household emergency plan.
  3. Build an emergency kit.

And that’s where the Town of Halton Hills can help you. Visit the Town’s Emergency Preparedness webpage for complete step-by-step guides on creating an emergency plan and building an emergency kit.

According to the Town’s website your emergency plan should be kept in an easy to reach location (one that is known by all household members) and should include:

  1. An Emergency Communications Plan to determine how to connect with your family in case networks are damaged or jammed.
  2. An Evacuation Plan with safe meeting places and directions for how to meet up should you be separated.
  3. An evacuation route from your home, location of emergency survival kit and location of contact information for pet assistance.
  4. Emergency numbers like police, fire, 9-1-1, etc.
  5. Utility shut-off procedure and location of important documents.
  6. Plans for medical needs and disabilities, if applicable.
  7. Copies of workplace and school or daycare emergency plans.

Additionally, it is encouraged to review your plan yearly with the entire household and update it, where needed. Refreshing your survival kit at the same time, with new food, water and other supplies is also recommended.

Residents are encouraged to expand their emergency preparedness efforts and reach out to neighbours and friends who are vulnerable or need assistance such as seniors, pet owners, and people with disabilities or special needs.

Now is the time to create a plan before an emergency strikes. Information is available for download from the Town’s website or copies can be picked up at municipal arenas and the Gellert Community Centre from May 7 – 13. 

Know your risks, be prepared and protect your loved ones.