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Responsible pet ownership starts with you!

Halton Hills encouraging residents to do their part in keeping Halton Hills pet-friendly for everyone.

Pet owners have a responsibility under the Responsible Pet Owners By-law (94-077) and Noise By-law (2010-0030) to ensure the well-being of them and Halton Hills residents. “We all want the best for our pets,” said Mayor Ann Lawlor. “And that means adhering to the by-laws that are in place to limit issues while allowing our four-legged friends to run and play.”

There are many things you can do to keep Halton Hills a safe and enjoyable space for both your pet and others around you.

 Keeping your Pet Leashed

Take the lead! Your pet is your responsibility. Letting your dog off-leash in an undesignated area poses many risks. Dogs can become lost, risk exposure to poisonous plants, encounter dangerous/diseased animals and more. Many dogs are friendly and play well with others but some may be nervous, reactive, fearful or in training. It’s important to respect others' need for space and keep your pet leashed in public. For some leash-free time with your pup, find a leash-free dog park in your area where you can socialize with your dog.

 Poop and Scoop

Stop poo-lution in its tracks and clean up your pet’s waste…even when no one is watching. The set fine for neglecting to pick up after your pet is $100 but can have a maximum of $5000 if there have been previous convictions. Our parks and open spaces can become minefields when pet owners don’t clean up after their animals and poop piles are no fun to step in for anyone! Avoid the fine, be considerate and pick up after your pet.

 Dog Licensing

Got a runner in the house? Every year dogs are quickly reunited with their owners in Halton Hills because they were found wearing a town-issued identification tag. Licensing is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. As an owner, you are required to obtain a dog licence:

  • Within seven days from the date you become an owner; or
  • Within seven days from the date you move to Halton Hills if you already own a dog; or
  • Within seven days from the date your puppy is eligible to be vaccinated for rabies

Owners can easily register and renew their dogs online using our Dog Licence Application. If you love them, license them!

 Excessive Barking

Is your dog a good neighbour? Pets are an important part of the community but excessive barking can have a negative impact on your neighbours and your dog. As a pet owner, you are responsible for preventing your dog's barking from disturbing others. Persistent or excessive noise from any residential animal is not permitted under the Town’s Noise By-law. Report excessive barking to Halton Hills Enforcement Services at 905-873-2600, ext. 2330.

 Omega Canine Control

Omega Canine Control is a 24-hour emergency service that can be contacted at 905-877-6235. Call Omega Canine Control Services:

  • To report a dog running loose
  • If your pet is bitten by another animal
  • If you suspect an animal has rabies
  • If you have found a stray dog

Animal Protection

If you feel the welfare of an animal is in question, you can call Animal Protection at 1-833-9-ANIMAL to report. Visit the Ministry of the Solicitor General for more information and call Animal protection if an animal is:

  • In distress
  • Being abused
  • Is injured
  • In pain
  • Is lacking proper care, water, food or shelter